Last modified: April 30, 2024

Bulgaria Cultural Events Calendar

Bulgaria Cultural Events Calendar – Here is a selection of cultural events in Bulgaria. Certainly, the focus is on local festivals of folklore, opera, classical music, jazz and ballet.

Covid-19 pandemic changed cultural life. Numerous events had been postponed or cancelled. Some festivals will take place, but with strict anti-Covid measures in place. Here is an updated list of events in the period January – June 2024.

Often, we all ask the same questions. Is there light at the end of this long coronavirus tunnel? How long can we endure in isolation? What will the new normal look like? Is it going to affect our cultural life and local budgets for culture? Let’s hope that our Cultural Events Calendar List becomes longer with time! And we will enjoy cultural events together. We do believe in post-Covid cultural renaissance.

Cultural Events List

Surva Mummers’ Festival26 – 28 January 2024Pernik
Menar Film Festival12 – 28 January 2024Sofia
Music&Dance Festival of Love in Plovdiv09 – 12 February 2024Plovdiv
Trifon Zarezan Bulgarian Wine Holiday16 – 18 February 2024 Melnik
Trifon Zarezan in Melnik17 February 2024Villa Melnik
XXIV European Musical Festival11 March – November 2024Sofia
Starchovden Mummers’ Festival16 March 2024Karlovo
Kukerlandia Mummers’ Festival14 – 17 March 2024Yambol
28th Sofia International Film Festival13- 31 March 2024Sofia
Veliko Tarnovo City Celebrations22 March 2024Veliko Tarnovo
European Music Festival30 March – 21 April 2024Varna
International Day of Humor and Jokes01 April 2024 Throughout Bulgaria
Dioklecianopolis Antiquity Festival05-07 April 2024Hisarya
12th International Dance Festival “Plovdiv Ancient & Eternal”06 – 07 April 2024Plovdiv
European Days of Art & Crafts06-07 April 2024Bozhenci Architecture Reserve
International Wine Tourism Conference09 – 10 April 2024Plovdiv
PLOVDIV VIBES 2024 “Transformations” Festival19 – 28 April 2024Plovdiv
Orthodox Easter Day 05 May 2024 Throughout Bulgaria
6FEST -Street Arts Festival10 – 12 May 2024Plovdiv
One Dance Festival10 May-2 June 2024Plovdiv
Bulgarian Folklore Festival Plovdiv17-19 May 2024Plovdiv
Gabrovo Carnival18 May 2024Gabrovo
Rose Festival in Karlovo25 May 2024Karlovo
Regional Rose Festival 31 May – 01 June 2024Strelcha
Balkan Folklore Festival 30 May – 02 June 2024Hisarya


Rose Wine Festival01 – 02 June 2024Kazanlak
Rose Festival in Kazanlak 01 – 02 June 2024 Kazanlak
Tosca with Sonya Yoncheva04 June 2024Plovdiv Ancient Theatre
Folklore Dance Festival07 – 09 June 2024Sandanski
International Festival of Historical Reconstructions 07 – 09 June 2024 Veliko Tarnovo Tzarevets Fortress
Antiquity Heritage Festival “Еagle on the Danube”14 – 16 June 2024Svishtov
Opera at The Summer Theatre Varna 15 June – 30 August 2024Varna
Sofia Live Fest21 – 23 June 2024Sofia
Regional Folklore Festival22 – 23 June 2024Belogradchik
Ennyoff’s Day Celebrations / Midsummer Celebrations29 June 2024 Ennyoff’s Day Celebrations Etara
Ennyoff’s Day: Midsummer Wild herbs Celebrations – Lavender Festival 29 June 2024Karlovo
Authentic Bulgarian Folklore Festival 24 June 2023Bozhenci Museum Village
Varna Summer Music Festival 22 June- 5 October 2024Varna
Opera Open29 June-30 August 2024Plovdiv Ancient Theatre


International Folklore Festival01 – 31 July 2024Veliko Tarnovo
IX Opera Festival Stage of the Ages 06 July – 11 September
Veliko Tarnovo
A to Jazz Festival04 – 07 July 2024Sofia
Allegra Classical Music Festival06 – 22 July 2024Sofia
Opera Open14 – 15 July 2024Ancient Theatre Plovdiv
Jazz Burgas July 2024Burgas
International Film Festival20 – 25 July 2024Burgas
Hills of Rock25 – 27 July 2024Plovdiv
International Folklore Festival29 July – 02 August 2024Plovdiv


Arts & Crafts Festival at Samovodska Market Street01 – 30 September 2024Veliko Tarnovo
Opera of the Peaks Belogradchik Rocks02-11 August 2024Belogradchik
Bansko Jazz Fest03 – 10 August 2024Bansko
“Love is Folly” 32-nd International Film Fest23 August – 01 September 2024Varna
Rivers of Sofia30 August – 01 September 2024Sofia


Autumn Art Shows Plovdiv01 – 30 September 2024Plovdiv
THEATAIR /Street Arts Fair05 – 08 September 2024Plovdiv
Health Bio-Food Festival06 – 08 September 2024Hisarya
Pestil’s Festivities07 – 08 September 2024 Etara open-air museum cl. Gabrovo
48th Chamber Music Days07 – 11 September 2024Gabrovo
“Facade” Video Festival27 – 29 September 2024Plovdiv
Cartoon Salon @Museum of Humour01 – 30 October 2024Gabrovo
Sofia Art Fair03 – 06 October 2024Sofia
Int’l Meetings of Photography11 – 31 October 2024Plovdiv
International Festival of Ecclesiastical Music11 – 13 October 2024Gabrovo
Urban Wine Fest Plovdiv 25 – 26 October 2024Plovdiv
Young Wine Festival22 – 2 November 2024Plovdiv


Sofia Opera House Repertoire
Sofia Music Theater Programme
State Opera Plovdiv Programme
Stara Zagora State Opera Programme
Bansko Jazz Fest
Mummers Festival Pernik