Bulgaria Rose Valley & Bulgarian Attar of Roses

Bulgaria Rose Valley & Attar of Roses

Bulgarian Rose Valley is a brand name. The Rose Valley is the area between two mountains, in the heart of Bulgaria. Here you will find the biggest rose plantations and the main rose-oil distilleries.


Firstly, let’s start with the roses. Rosa Damascena is a rose variety. In fact, it is an oil-yielding rose. Rosa Damascena made Bulgaria famous for production of the best rose attar in the world. Rosa Damascena mill was brought to Bulgarian lands during the 17the century. Bulgaria then was part of the Ottoman Empire. Thus, this full of aroma rose bush found a second home in Bulgaria. It gave its name to a whole region – The Rose valley of Bulgaria. two mountain ranges surround the Rose Valley from North and South. They stop the cold winds in the wintertime and help create a specific climate. The combination of several factors makes this region a unique place for growing Rosa Damascena. As a result, the attar of roses is the best quality in the world. Therefore, the Rose Valley became a centre of rose oil production and export for centuries.

Bulgarian Attar of Roses

Did you know that:

  • One of the world’s most beautiful rose oil today comes from Bulgaria.
  • The Rose Valley of Bulgaria produces one of the highest per cent of the world’s attar of roses.
  • 3,5 tons of rose petals go into the making of one kilogram of rose oil, which has the price of  gold.
  • The Bulgarian “attar” of roses is an important component in the perfumery business throughout  the world.
  • Bulgarian rose oil  – they use it even in space industry, as a greasing component in space equipment. Therefore, due to its resistance to any temperature changes, Bulgarian attar of roses is unsurpassed.

International buyers pay for the Bulgarian product prices reaching 14,000 € a kilo organic rose oil. (2019). Covid pandemic, unfortunately, caused a drop-down and 2021 price was 5,500 €. Rose attar prices went up in 2022, reaching 9,000 €.

Finally, the best period for visiting the Rose Valley is during the rose blooming season. It starts in mid-May throughout Mid-June. Don’t miss these 20-25 days and visit Bulgarian Rose Valley with one of our tours. We will gladly design a private bespoke tour for you. So, please just let us know.