Last modified: September 4, 2021

Reopening Travel

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect international travel. International tourist arrivals were down 83 per cent in the first quarter of 2021 as widespread travel restrictions remained in place. However, the pace of the vaccination rollout as well as policies to restart tourism safely, have boosted hopes for a rebound. Many countries removed quarantine requirement for vaccinated travellers. European Council approved the EU Digital Green Certificate to facilitate travel. We expect a rebound in international travel and we are ready to welcome our guests again soon.

We all know that the pandemic will be over, but safe travel requirements will stay in place. We at Brill Travel are ready to travel again.

Our new guidelines adhere to the global safety protocols from the World Travel & Tourism Council (1) and Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism (2).



2.Brill Travel`s commitment

As we look ahead to travelling in the age of COVID-19, health and wellness will have a critical influence in how we will design and operate our tours. Your safety and well-being has never been more important than it is today.

2.1.What to expect travelling with us

2.1.1. A comprehensive approach for your well-being

2.1.2. Enhanced measures for confident travel

Our enhanced measures are in place to support your health and well-being as we start to travel again, and we appreciate your flexibility.

2.1.3 Strict adherence to health protocols

The only hotel, transportation, meal, and activity suppliers we’ll work with are ones that are compliant with enhanced hygiene and social distancing standards aligned with local regulations.

2.1.4 Extra sanitization of private motor coaches

Your bus will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before your group boards and regularly thereafter, with a specific focus on high-frequency touchpoints. All drivers will be trained in social distancing best practices and how to provide the safest possible environment. Hand sanitizer will always be available on our buses.

2.1.5 Hotels & restaurants with enhanced cleaning measures

We will only partner with hotels and restaurants that adhere to strict guidelines, such as frequent cleaning of common areas and thoroughly disinfecting guest rooms between customers. Partner restaurants will follow enhanced protocols with staff trained in local health, hygiene, and physical contact guidelines.

We will adapt our meals to accommodate social distancing and reduce the number of shared surfaces as much as possible. We discourage travellers from sharing food and drinks with others on tour and, again, advise travellers to thoroughly wash their hands before eating.

2.1.6. On-tour experiences with physical distancing in mind

Portions of your tour may be adjusted as we continuously work with our partners, local venues, and restaurants to provide the safest experience possible. Examples may include avoiding crowded locations and peak times, itinerary alterations to follow local guidance, and staggered timing for included activities

2.1.7 Smaller groups for your comfort

All our private tours are with a minimum group size of friends and family members. The only group tour is limited to 7 persons:

2.1.8 Expert local staff :

All local staff will be ready to explain social distancing and hygiene guidelines following these rules themselves. This may include the use of face masks in addition to frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer use.

2.1.9 Ongoing around-the-clock support,

Traveling with EF means you have a worldwide support team behind you, monitoring and sharing the most up-to-date guidance. We react quickly to unexpected circumstances, which may mean changing your itinerary at a moment’s notice when necessary—at no additional expense to you.

2.1.10 Detailed departure information:

You will receive details about COVID-19 protocols in advance of tour, and we will provide additional details upon arrival. .While on tour, you will be kept updated on any relevant changes.

2.1.11 If a traveller is either diagnosed with COVID-19

While on tour or required to quarantine on account of COVID-19 while on tour, we will provide or arrange for the following, consistent with local requirements:

  • Assistance connecting with local health care providers,
  • Support & coordination with local authorities,
  • Translation services on all guided tours,

Communication between you & your family back home


3. Book Tour With Flexibility

3.1. Risk-free booking and No change fees

Please read our Terms & Conditions

3.2. Small deposit for pre-booked tours only 35 days before tour commencement

Please read our Terms & Conditions

4. Preparation for Your Journey

4.1. Please consider your responsibility to protect yourself and others.

4.2. Carry your own washable face mask, as local regulations still require it.

Bring your own gloves and hand sanitizer. Should an unexpected situation arise, we will have extra hand sanitizer and single-use face masks available. Closely monitor your health leading up to and while on tour. Should you feel ill during your journey, our local team is specifically trained in how to support you.

4.3. We recommend you to pack masks

Include hand sanitizer, and anti-bacterial wipes in your carry-on bags. As always, keep any prescriptions in your carry-on as well, in case of any luggage delays.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.