Last modified: August 17, 2021


B-2-B co-operation with travel agents and tour organizers is an important part of our operations. We are interested in contacting and co-operating with foreign tour operators, travel agencies and companies working in the travel industry.

We are pleased to offer customized itinerary and program for your groups, according to your special requirements at the best value-for-money group rates.

As we are focused on cultural tours, we would gladly consult you on all and each aspect of your tour programme. Cultural events and festivals, art exhibitions or concerts, best places for wine and dine - all such details are part of the planning process when we design your tour. We prefer to operate “slow tours”, i.e. up to 6 hours activity, leaving the balance of the day free. Free afternoons provide more time for you to immerse in local atmosphere and follow own interests, discovering local culture on your own.

We are often compelled by time limits or budget restrictions to design “fast tours”. We live in modern times and free time is often a luxury. In case of a limited time, we would advise you on the highlights not to be missed during your stay – from sites and museums to “popular culture” and get-together local places.

Should you decide to choose an off-the-beaten track itinerary, we will recommend the best logistics, timings and things to do.

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