Last modified: July 27, 2021

About Bulgaria – Facts & Figures

Bulgaria is a EU member. At last we are fully resuming our place in the democratic culture of Europe. This is a homecoming both for Bulgaria and for our cousins in the rest of Europe, for as the remarkable archaeological discoveries made during the last few years have shown so many roots of European civilization can be found in what is now Bulgaria.
And yet, just a few years ago it was often asked “Where is Bulgaria exactly?” Already Bulgaria is becoming the second home for many discerning Europeans, who are buying property here. Budget carriers increase flights to Bulgaria. More and more travellers include Bulgaria in their travel calendar – and for good reason. We have extremely stable currency, excellent safety record, a great four-season climate, stunning landscapes, an immense variety of cultural and historical sites, flamboyant folklore, music festivals and, beyond all these riches, so many friendly and welcoming people.

Here are some facts and figures about Bulgaria and the Official Holidays in 2019.

Facts & Figures:

AREA: 110 000 Bulgaria occupies the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, in Southeast Europe.  It has common borders with Greece and Turkey to the South, Macedonia and Serbia  to the west and Romania to the north. The Danube river is its boundary with Romania, except in Dobroudzha. To the east is the Black Sea, which links Bulgaria with Ukraine, Russia and Georgia and by way of the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles, with the countries bordering on the Mediterranean.

POPULATION: 7,054,521(2017)

GNI PER CAPITA: 7,350  USD (2016)

ECONOMIC GROWTH: 3,8 % (2017)

INFLATION: 1,2% (2017)


CAPITAL: Sofia (1 222 000 citizens)

PRINCIPAL CITIES: Plovdiv (340 000), Varna (300 000), Bourgas   (195 000), and Rousse (166 000)

RELIGION: Bulgarian Orthodox (86,6%), Muslim (13,1 %), Other (Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Armenian – 0,3%)

ETHNIC GROUPS: Bulgarian 85 %, Turkish 9%, other 6% (Roma, Jews, Russians, Greeks)


January 1st – New Year’s Day
March 3rd – National Holiday
Easter – April 28, 2019
May 1st – Labour Day
May 6th – St. George’s Day – Bulgaria’s Valour Day
 May 24th – Day of the Cyrillic Alphabet and Bulgarian Culture
September 6th – Day of Reunification (1885)
September 22nd – Bulgarian Independence Day
November 1st – Day of the Bulgarian Revival Leaders – National Revival Day
December 24th, 25th – Christmas
December 31st – New Year’s Eve